About Me

Born in the West of Ireland, I have traveled the world and now reside in Southern California. I am a writer who has covered politics, entertainment, environmental issues and travel for newspapers in Ireland, the UK, Japan and Argentina. I have also worked as a radio presenter and DJ in Japan and Ireland. With a life-long passion for story, myth and ritual, I have worked with authors as a consultant, as a ghost-writer and editor, collated and edited literary anthologies. I have also crafted secular rituals for all kinds of important life events, from conception to death. I teach mindfulness to journalists and artists.



I have worked as a journalist, an editor, a producer, a presenter. I have ghost-written several books with artists. As Director of Harvardwood Publications, I have commissioned and edited two anthologies of short stories and poetry, Seven Deadly Sins and Once Upon A Fairytale.

I am offering consulting services to writers and film makers who wish to better understand mythology and archetypal psychology and to weave these elements into their work.

I am also on the jury of the Golden Globe Awards and am regularly invited to attend major international film festivals.

Secular Rituals

Whether you are from a religious tradition or not, ritual plays an important role in helping us make meaning of the big events in our lives. As a graduate of the Mythological Studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I was awarded the Joseph Campbell scholarship, I am deeply immersed in mythology and ritual. Whether it’s a birth, illness, wedding, death or other event, I will work with you to help craft a meaningful ritual which will imbue your important occasion with value, meaning and healing.


Having been a writer and producer for many years across newspapers, magazines, radio, television, print and the web, I understand well how to craft a story to hook audiences and potential clients. My study of Archetypal Psychology (I am a PhD candidate) has given me a keen understanding of the unconscious, invisible energies which are often unknowingly driving people’s behaviors and choices. I can consult with you on your project or service and provide advice on archetypal elements to be aware of, which ones to cultivate or avoid.

I also offer workshops and seminars to the corporate world, teaching how to adopt eco-psychological principles in the work place, making profits ecologically and ethically.


I have written a limited TV series based on the life of the bon vivant composer Georg Friedrich Handel. The project is 40% financed.

I am developing a multi-media VR series called First Nights, based on a popular book and course taught at Harvard University. It tells the gossipy, behind the scenes story of eight famous and beloved pieces of classical music and what it took to get them to the stage, by hook and sometimes by crook.


In addition to private clients, I have also worked with the following: